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Party Guidelines 

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 Guidelines For Having A Successful Party!

- Denver Colorado Strippers recommend that you schedule your dancers at lea week in advance. Because if you do not, you may not get the dancers of your choice or your preferred time slot.

- You can schedule now and make modifications in future. All we require is your name, telephone number, date, and time of your occasion. No down payments or credit card holds are necessary. 

- Tell your party guests ahead of time that you're having Professional dancers at the celebration so they understand precisely just what to anticipate.

- Ensure your party location is the proper place for having a party. Dancers do not dance outside, in garage areas, on unfinished floors, or concrete. Please make certain that your party is secluded from the public. (indecent exposure prohibited by law)

Have a CD Player or Ipod Dock, Etc,Etc, that our dancers can use. You should supply your own music, but if you cannot, our dancers will attempt to bring their own. If there is something specific you would like them to play, they will attempt to satisfy your demands.

- Everyone at your party needs to be 18 years of age or older -

- Select Alternates
We advise that you decide on 3-5 Professional dancers for your Party. Selecting alternates helps you to receive a dancer of your selection, if your favorite is not available. It also gives us the ability to team up dancers for our two-girl shows, that have great chemistry and like to work together. 

- Public Places
If our professional dancers are going partially nude or nude, in places such as dining establishments, clubs, bars and other kinds of business, they need to be closed to the general public, or in a closed area. Nonetheless our performers can perform in public areas by authorization from owners of public establishments.

-Gratuity For Dancers
Tipping dancers is a vital phase of having a great party. Our dancers will suggest appropriate tip amounts for each and every performance. Such as party games, lap dances, Ect, Ect. Having a delightful event counts on guest engagement and tipping. The larger the tip, the wilder and sexier  our professional dancers get, and the a greater satisfaction for your guests.

- Respect For Dancers
To have a great time with long lasting memories, it is essential that everyone treats the  dancers with respect. As the host, you need to make sure the party goes flawlessly. It is critical to keep your party under control. If you or your guests are disrespectful, our dancers have the right to leave before the party is finished. Our entertainers love their jobs and they wish for you to have fun, as long as you do your part. They'll do everything they can to make certain you have a great time.

Our professional dancers are worthy of respect. If our dancers feel at risk, or if you do not abide by out event guidelines including no pictures upon request of dancers.. They will leave and there will be no refund provided if this occurs.

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